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Custom Requests

Every now and then, we have clients call who love our work, but for whatever reason, do not find the right painting in our gallery.  In those instances, we are very fortunate to have artists who will do commission work to accommodate different size needs and subject matter. Below is a magnificent example of a commission that we consider one of our finest achievements.

​Please let us know if you have any special requests!


In March 2022, we were approached by a long-time, dear client who had a need to fill a very large wall. 

He had just bought a lake house in North Central Indiana and one of the walls was 40 feet high by 20 feet wide. He obviously needed a large piece, but specifically wanted a triptych(art made up of three pieces) that depicted the Italian Riviera. But he also had other requests. He wanted a coastal village, flowers, lots of sail boats, turquoise as well as deep blue waters, distinctive clouds and a dramatic sunset.

Our team went to inspect the site and it was determined that the individual pieces should be 90" x 54" each. A study of the proposed triptych with all the desired elements was created and agreed upon by the customer.

Five month later the commission was completed and hung.


​It is an absolutely stunning  'WOW' piece!

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